The mission of Minding My Vision, LLC is to help optimize your growth after experiencing traumatic and difficult life situations. We inspire, impart, and implement the M.I.N.D to challenge the feeling of being an imposter in your own life and grow in your authenticity. You deserve you! I'm here to help you do that! 

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transformation & spiritual coach
tahkyra tk Terrell

Hello! My name is Tahkyra, but I go by TK. I am a personal and spiritual development coach! Sometimes,  we get stuck in our past. We aim to please people but realize we've lost ourselves in the process. We want to show up as "the chameleon" where we are everything they need us to be. 

All of that is a mask. You show up as an alternative version of yourself and you struggle to identify who you really are! It's part of imposter syndrome! And I help you remove that mask, challenge imposter syndrome in 90 days or less! Then you get the job of your dreams! Then you get the promotion! Then you start the business! Then you have the mindset to reach your goals! See where I'm going? Are you interested yet?

I developed The M.I.N.D Model © as a way of bridging the gap between biblical principles and theoretical concepts to optimize your growth! You can grow beyond your past experiences and change the narrative of your life! 

Can I help facilitate that growth? It's already in you. You just might need some help to see that vision of yourself clearly.  You may need some help so that your behaviors line up with the vision you have of yourself. It's ok. We've all been there. I got tired of living someone else's vision and version of me too! You deserve you! Let's do this together!