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my life is quite like yours

Although I worked as a trauma therapist for over 5 years, I was still stuck myself. Life experience taught me much of the methodologies and framework I teach today. I was stuck repeating cycles, sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was adept in taking care of everyone else and neglected myself. I engaged in repetition and rehearsal of past experiences, and had difficulty with loving me. Does that sound familiar?

Through prayer, research, trial, and observation I have learned to master the inner work to cast and execute vision without the hinderances of trauma. Now, I live the truth of my purpose and not the pain of my trauma. I got you! Let's connect and grow together! 

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the founder


 I developed a method through prayer, research, lived experience and client observation that transforms your life in less than 90 days

Tahkyra TK Terrell is a native of Detroit, MI. She is the founder and owner of Minding My Vision, LLC. The mission of Minding My Vision, LLC is to equip and empower you to live your identified truth and not the story of your trauma.  There is a commitment to transformation, authenticity, and activation of resiliency skills. Tahkyra has practiced as a mental health therapist for over five years, specializing in working with trauma. She currently works in her business full time combining her skill set as a minister, author, coach, and clinician to help those who want to operate in their full, God-given potential while achieving wellness and success.  


Tahkyra has written two books, Let Her Grow: Growing Beyond the Pain (2020) and Let This M.I.N.D (2021). She has co-authored two books: The Role of An Intercessor Volume III: The Eye of the Revelator (2020) and Ladies in Waiting: Sis Fix Your Crown (2021). She is the visionary of the I Am Affirmation Journal Series (2022) and the Self-Care 101 Guide and Planner (2022).

kind words from clients

Tahkyra Terrell is an amazingly gifted counselor, coach and prophetic woman of God. She integrates her formal training and best practices as a therapist with her intuitive gifting to help her clients unearth trauma, bring forth clarity, create new vision and take purposeful action forward to live the life of their dreams. Devette B
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READY to take your vision to the next level by healing from the trauma that holds you back?
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more about our company

Minding My Vision, LLC provides coaching services that are different from counseling sessions. While I am a licensed independent clinical therapist in Ohio, I am not providing counseling sessions in any other states. Coaching and counseling focus on present-day problems, wellness strategies, and interventions. However, coaching does not diagnose and treat mental health illnesses. It does not develop an individualized treatment plan based upon a DSM-5 diagnosis, nor does it utilize specific techniques and interventions that clinical therapists have trained to use.

Think of it like this. A coach in sports sees potential in an athlete or group of athletes. This coach is trusted with the development of the gifts and talents of those athletes. The coach usually has a specific area of interest. That coach is expected to work with the athlete to get to the next or most outstanding level that the player can achieve. The best coaches motivate, correct, uplift, challenge, encourage, and provide a specific type and level of insight, wisdom, and knowledge to that area for that particular athlete. It's a personal program while the entire team benefits as well.  As a life coach, that is what I do. 

YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! I have an additional skill set that I can tap into as a clinical therapist and life coach!  Moreover, I also have lived experience, insight, and wisdom that directly assists you with your process. You get a direct benefit of all of this experience. I guarantee a positive impact in your life! You become your own success story as you begin to walk in the vision and purpose of your life. I am so excited for you!!!

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