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what's our why?

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Minding My Vision, LLC was established on March 31, 2021.


It was birthed from a place of personal healing, growth, and development. Minding My Vision, LLC dedicates its services to help you challenge behaviors, thoughts, and emotions inconsistent with personal goals for a healthy future. 


We often have emotional, environmental, social, or mental weights that keep us bent over and weighed down. Our line of vision becomes limited because we can't stand up straight. We can only see from the vantage point of what's keeping us in an unnatural posture and position. 


Minding My Vision, LLC has individualized and structured programming that will help remove barriers, strategize and learn new ways of thinking, identify purpose, and develop a plan of execution once your vision has become clear to you. 


I am a firm believer that in this process, you will learn about yourself, others, the world around you, and your relationship with God as we focus on the present! You are investing in the future you now! Minding My Vision, LLC is solution-focused and hopes to help you in this transformational journey you've already started!

More About TK

Tahkyra TK Terrell or Coach TK is a native of Detroit, MI. She is the founder and owner of Minding My Vision, LLC. The mission of Minding My Vision, LLC is to equip and empower you to challenge and change your thinking to align with the identified vision and purpose of your life. There is a commitment to transformation, authenticity, and activation of resiliency skills.  Tahkyra has practiced as a mental health therapist for over five years, specializing and obtaining certifications in trauma. She is a certified EMDR Therapist, a specialized treatment for trauma. Tahkyra was inspired to go into trauma therapy after surviving several forms of trauma including sexual, mental and physical abuse, and almost losing her life after a severe allergic reaction to medication after being misdiagnosed. She wants to advocate and change the scope of mental health therapy. 


She currently works in her business full time combining her skill set as a minister, author, coach, and clinician to help those who want to operate in their full, God-given potential while achieving wellness and success. She utilizes “The M.I.N.D Model” © as outlined in her book “Let This M.I.N.D: Minding My Vision” to facilitate the results that clients want in their lives. Tahkyra believes in providing practical solutions to some of life’s most difficult problems through combining biblical principles and therapeutic concepts. You get the best of both worlds as she is a licensed professional clinical counselor and life coach.

Tahkyra has written two books, Let Her Grow: Growing Beyond the Pain (2020) and Let This M.I.N.D (2021). She has co-authored two books: The Role of An Intercessor Volume III: The Eye of the Revelator (2020) and Ladies in Waiting: Sis Fix Your Crown (2021). Tahkyra is also an instructor and Mental Health Coach for The Ascend Institute of Higher Thinking.

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