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mastering anxiety
30 day challenge


Prophetic breakthrough strategist 
Tahkyra TK Terrell

Hey sis!


I have struggled with anxiety since I was a little girl. When I went to therapy, I discovered that it existed in my family back a few generations. I also discovered that anxiety is an uncommonly known response to trauma and grief. My journey to mastering anxiety doesn't come from a Master's Degree or certified training, although I have both. It is truly a lived experience that I have worked hard to master.


I invite you to take a 30 Day Journey with me! I will be helping you to understand what anxiety really is, how it works in the brain, the truth about what God says about anxiety, and how to manage it!

If you know me, you know I put a lot of emphasis on the How!

I will be combining all of this in a method that I have used with the black women that I have worked with! It's a method that I still use to this day and it hasn't failed me yet.


By managing my anxiety, I have:

  • Launched My Inner Circle

  • Learned to trust God in a way that I've never been able to before

  • Moved forward in my business

  • Left a narcissistic relationship

  • Created new friendships (you know how hard that is as an adult sheesh!)

  • Bought a new car

  • Began working with the business coach that God told me to do last year

  • On track for a multiple 6 Figure 2024!

  • In the last year, my life has dramatically shifted!


I've learned through their and my own experiences that we aren't quite allowed to show up anxious. We have to be strong. Independent. We don't get to be overwhelmed without a label of being "masculine", "aggressive", or "angry".

Even as Christian women, we are taught to never be anxious and God doesn't honor our anxiety! And sorry to tell you this, sis that is wrong!

This challenge is going to dismantle and tear down all of that. You will get to show up as you and get what you need to complete your goals!

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