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The mission of Minding My Vision, LLC is to help optimize your growth after experiencing traumatic and difficult life situations. We inspire, impart, and implement the M.I.N.D strategy to challenge the feeling of being an imposter in your own life and grow in your authenticity. You deserve you! I'm here to help you do that! 

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The Visionairipist

trauma recovery & spiritual coach
tahkyra tk Terrell


Hello! My name is Tahkyra, but I go by TK. I am a trauma recovery and spiritual development coach and specialist! I work with men and women who want to live their truth and not their trauma. In other words, we optimize growth after traumatic and difficult life experiences. 

I worked as a trauma therapist for over 5 years and was still stuck myself. I developed a method through prayer, research, lived experience and client observation that transforms your life in less than 90 days. My clients receive remarkable success because I am invested in the process with them! 

I love what I do. You need me if you are stuck repeating cycles, sick and tired of being sick and tired, take care of everyone else and neglect yourself, engage in repetition and rehearsal of past experiences, and have difficulty with loving yourself. I know you need me because I needed me! Now, I live the truth of my purpose and not the pain of my trauma. I got you! Let's connect and grow together!